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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hippie Yogi

"People who do yoga seem so calm and laid back all the time!"  This was said to me by someone who said he hoped to be like me. I'm thinking, 'Too bad Emre doesnt feel the same way!'
"You have the most soothing voice! I could listen to you all day" and I'm thinking, "Too bad Emre doesnt feel the same way!"

There is this romantic notion of a yogi; peaceful, tree hugging, holding a bunny, biting on raw broccoli....I hate to burst your bubble, but this does not exist. Of course, i have hugged trees and I have two bunnies and I love broccoli, but I can be one mean bitch.

So why do people who practice yoga 'seem' this way. Its really simple. Being peaceful does not mean being emotionless or being detached. If anything, yoga has made me more expressive. Being a yogi means accepting what comes your way and deciding to move on. Deciding to trust that everything will work out, and that there is a reason for all that happens. Being a yogi means accepting your strengths and limitations and being happy for all the imperfections that make the perfect you.

Here's to you, you perfect yogi!


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