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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nowhere to Hide

Lately I find myself incapable of bullshit. I was never a very expressive person. I am emotional, but you would never see me cry or lose control. I always had a straight face, a pleasant smile, and polite conversation.  But once you start doing yoga, there is nowhere to hide. You are forced to face your true self and if you dont accept who you are, you will 'fall' out of the pose, whether its on your mat or in your life.

Once you start to practice yoga, all walls fall, all shadows disappear and all whispers go quiet. You hear your breath, you know your strength, you accept your weakness and this is who you were meant to be all along. Old friends tell me i seem 'calm' , 'settled', 'happy'. I am all of those things. Yoga reintroduced me to myself and I finally feel free.


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