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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Glory

I was always a summer person. I was born in June in Kerala, in the season of the monsoons, lots of mangoes,coconuts and jackfruit. I grew up in Oman, a beautiful desert with gorgeous beaches. My stay in the US had me in Texas and  now Louisiana. Suffice it to say, I was comfortable with the heat and humidity. But over the last few years, I find myself waiting for fall, craving the crisp cold air. Its easy for winter to get us down. I mean everything is dying or going into hibernation. But right before that, there is all that color, apple picking, the bite in the air, cuddling in front of a roaring fire,and the flurry of animals readying their nest for the cold winter. 

Just like our yoga practice, which has a beginning, middle and end, Fall seems to be the middle, the height of our practice, where our bodies are warm and we gracefully come into the more complex poses. It has the a-ha! moments or highlights of our practice, we harvest the fruits of our labor and we shine in all the different colors of our personality and emotions just like nature around us. We feel yellow for happiness and contentment, orange balances our excitement and warmth, red reflects our cravings, passion and fire, green brings out our earthy, grounded side, all that gray in the sky shows your confidence and solitude and it makes every other color pop against your oh-so-sophisticated side. 

And then just like the end of our practice, fall becomes winter. You are spent, you have given it your all and now its time to rest. And just like the trees shedding its leaves, you shed all fears, inhibitions, anything weighing you down, anything that held you back, any doubts, and there you are; naked, bare and so strong, confident in your truth. You have a sense of clarity, so comfortable in your own skin. This is home, this is who you were meant to be all along. 

And when it is time, you will wake up, reborn into this new season, this new beginning, this new life, just like spring, you will start to blossom into your truth once more. So don't let the season get you down, see yourself in nature and you will know that the trees, the squirrels, the person who cut you off at the light, me and you; we are all the same just waiting to blossom.


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