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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What You Never Thought Your Yoga Teacher Knew About You

                                                       Art by Laetitzia

I see you everyday. But I see through that mask you're wearing.
I can tell from your heavy sighs that your day has been long, maybe this year has been too long. I can tell from that clenched jaw that you are angry. What are you afraid you'll show me?
I know the mirrors in this room bother you, you refuse to look yourself in the eye. But I don't see all that...
You know that one thing you would change about the way you look? well, its what makes you you.
I can tell that you are trying so hard to please me, to get that pose perfect, but I am already so proud of you.  I know you are afraid of back bends, I am asking you to travel 'back' and I understand you are scared of what you will see, but you are ready and I know it. You are safe with me.
I love that you sigh when you are with me, I love that you are surrendering, letting me in and letting go of your pain, a little more with each sigh. I can tell from that sharp intake of air through your lips that someone once broke your heart, from the way you hunch your shoulders, that you are trying to protect your heart from getting hurt yet again. I see your confusion when we do hip openers, your gorgeous hips where you hold so many secrets, sometimes unknowingly. What stories lay hidden deep in your skin, built into your cells, built into your soul? I can see your apprehension when you unconsciously touch your belly, but all that you doubt about yourself is all that makes you so unique.
I can tell from your cute freckles you enjoyed summers as a kid,  I can tell you probably got that scar climbing a tree, or falling off your bike. I can tell you love to laugh from the lines around your smiling lips and warm eyes. Maybe you have thought about botoxing them away, but that would completely break my heart. Despite how tough you try to seem, I know you have been craving some human contact. I can tell from the way your body relaxes as soon as I touch your shoulders, easing you into Savasana. You don't need to be so strong all the time. What you think makes you weak, actually makes you so tall. That thing on your body you think everyone is staring at? No one sees it and they wonder if you see whats on their body. I know you are trying to control every moment and every movement, but there is no struggle here with me. There is no need to hold on to anything, let it go, I'm right here.  And in seeing all that you are, in feeling the soft rhythm of your peaceful sigh, I see myself and I have found peace within.
I hope you understand when I ease your palms to face up and face the world, that there is no need for regret. That everything is as it should be, you are exactly where you need to be, you already are all that you ever wanted to be.

The divine in me honors the divine in you and I know we are one.


(I am not sure why the link for the artwork will not go to the page with the artists info, here it is so that you know who did this gorgeous piece of work: )