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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great Love Brings Great Miracles

Today I am sharing an email I sent my parents earlier this week.  I had a miracle happen to me. It might not seem like much but I am convinced that there is a power, god, universe, whatever you call, and this power will guide you to being your best. Have faith, don't be shy to ask for everything, and to pray for all your wildest dreams to come true. You never know when God is listening, and when He sees the truth in your heart and hears the honesty in your voice, He will bless you with the perfect life.

PS - I am Muslim and I say Allah but there is no difference in what we call God. You guys already know that right?

Letter I wrote to my Parents on  May 24, 2012

Hi Dad and Mum,

How have you both been? something special happened today and i wanted tell you both about it.
you remember our friend H? The Egyptian boy who had come home? Well he has helped us many times with our pets, looking after them when we travel. he has one cat of his own, Bussi (boo-see), he finally booked his tickets to go home to Egypt after 4 years in the states and asked us if we could look after her. We said of course. So he brought her Sunday and she took 2 days to adjust. we were sure they would all fight but alhamdulillah (this is the Muslim version of 'Thank God') everything went well, everyone got along.

Today I had a busy day, I taught 2 classes and then I was having a friend and her daughter over for lunch. So after I came home, I got busy cooking, then they came, we ate, chit chat and they left. Emre and I wanted to take a nap, so we lock up the house and look to make sure all animals are in the house. and we couldn't find Bussi anywhere. 

We looked in every closet, every room, under every couch, even under the bathroom tub, behind curtains, on top of cupboards, we looked behind the washer, dryer, fridge, under the car, in the garden. No sign of her. I keep the door open when i cook, and they sit out in the yard, but its a fenced in yard and so they cant escape. I checked the garden for any holes, then we started walking in the neighborhood, asking neighbors, looking in our neighbors yards, looking into any holes. I was so upset. First of all,  how did the cat get out? She is petrified of going out, there in no way she got curious and went exploring. Logical reasoning tells me she has to be in the house, but Good God! where in the house could she be?? Its now close to 104 degrees outside, this poor cat, what if a car hit her? She has never been outside four walls, she must be so scared and then what do I tell H? He asked us to do this for the first time and the day he sits on the  plane we lose his cat. What if someone lost my Zelda or Caesar, I would have been heartbroken but so angry with them! we spent an hour walking outside looking looking searching hoping praying. No Bussi. 
We finally came back home. Emre forced me to sleep. He was right, many of the neighbors were at work so we couldn't ask anyone anything. He said lets go out again at 5-6 when they come back. I slept.

I woke up hoping it was all just the the worst nightmare, but it wasn't, there was no sign of this sweet cat. She had just disappeared. I have had my cats for 6 years, how could I lose my friends cat? So Emre put coffee and while we were waiting, i just said aloud,
 'Allah, you can make her appear, you can make her just walk in front of me, please Allah let her just appear, I know you can make this miracle happen,'
and in my mind and in my heart, I made a promise to Allah, I said 'Allah, if you bring her to us i will fast a week'.  
 I go get my coffee and we hear a noise. Like someone is knocking, it was coming from the bathroom. We ran to the bathroom and she is just standing there! Looking cute and sleepy meowing. I burst into tears. From relief of getting her and that Allah had answered my prayer just like that. I know it might not sound like a lot to other people but for us at that moment it truly was a miracle. I said those words, I turn around and she is there. she had found her way into a drawer and took a long nap. I had looked in that bathroom and every cabinet and corner. I never thought she would open a cabinet and walk through into a drawer, and nap for 5 hrs. She could have responded to the millions of 'Here Bussi' but no, nothing beats a cats siesta time. All  that searching, worrying and the whole time the brat was taking a nap. I asked and Allah gave and now I have to fast :) I am starting tomorrow. But my faith has been re-energized. All I had to do was ask, ask from the heart, ask for something true and something honest and God answered.

Of course we then ask, why didn't Allah answer me before, or I should have asked for something else but He felt my despair and He chose to take away this pain and I feel so blessed. I feel grateful to be in Allah's shadow.  My dearest dad and mom, if my prayers count for anything, I pray you both have a good healthy long life. I pray to be closer to you and i pray for us to always love each other. I pray for all your troubles to just go away and that you live life the way you want to.

                                                                 This is Bussi

I looked in these cabinets. She opened a door on the right and wiggled her way in to a drawer and finally came out of the drawer in the picture below.

 Bussi's hiding spot while I was slowly having a heart attack,


  Where there is great love there are always miracles.~Willa Cather

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