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Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Mantra 3

The little things you do today will lead you to the big things you are meant to do someday.

Life may seem to be made of big problems but learn to rejoice the little accomplishments and you will celebrate big victories.

What have you noticed today? Did you notice your lower back did not hurt as much in a forward bend? Did you notice you can now touch your toes? Did you notice that deep sigh in down dog? Did you notice how dancer's pose just got a little bit easier? It is easy to give up, to get discouraged, to think "I will never do that", but you learned to walk before you ran and so give yourself the same patience and credit you would to someone you deeply love. Like you would your child. You are worthy of that kind of love. 

This post is especially for all my beginner yogis. (Buddy and RPP, I’m looking at you :) I noticed that smile when you touched your toes, and I heard your sigh of content in child's pose, I heard that "OMG!" in your spinal twist, I saw you shake in plank and I rejoice that you held it for one more breath today. I appreciate how you tell me you 'hate that pose' but you do it anyway, how you modified a pose to nurture your body, how you make the choice to turn up on that mat and practice yoga every time. I appreciate that you trusted me to guide you to your small victories. May your victories be abundant. 


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