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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mantra 8: If You Are Going To Move...

If You Are Going To Move, Make It Count.

Who are you truly 'moving' for? Yourself? Your yoga teacher? Are you competing with the person next to you? Are you moving forward? Are you moving up? Are you moving someplace deeper?Do you feel pressure? Do you feel freedom? Do you feel light?Are you making a contribution? Are you making progress? Are you in control? Are you creating energy? Is it positive, negative? Are you scared? Or do you feel invincible?

Make your warrior count. Make your breath count. Make that scoop, yes scoop, of almond butter count. Make that trip to your toes count. Make that deep sigh count. If you are going to move, make it count.

May it bring you peace and release. May it bring you fuzzy feelings, hugs, smiles and more than you'd ever need. May it bring me more scoops of almond butter :)  May it bring you sunny days, starry nights, moon beams and sweet dreams. For good or better, if you are going to move, please make it count.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mantra 7: The Sound of the Rain Needs No Translation

The Sound of the Rain Needs No Translation.

Just like your inner voice needs no translation. 
Just like your breath needs no instruction. 
Just like your heart needs no affirmation. 
Just like your soul needs no consolation. 
You don't need authentication. 
You are love's creation. 
In loving yourself lies your salvation. 
You deserve affection. 
You deserve protection. 
You are your destination. 
You are like the sound of rain. You need no translation.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Mantra 6: If You Can't See the Bright Side of Life, Polish the Dull Side

Recently I've been feeling heavy. In body and spirit. I can put the physical heaviness at some 10 pounds. (Curse you Popeyes!!) I find myself retreating into my insecurities. I'm preoccupied. I've lost focus. I'm pessimistic. I'm not flexibile enough. I'm fat. I'm not embodying a yogi enough. I should be making more money. Where is the fame and glory I envisioned as a kid? I should be writing more. I should be drinking more green tea, eating more kale and working on levitation. I should be inspiring more. I should be glowing and peaceful and calm. But I am pissed, irritable, defensive and my skin insists on defying my authority. I can almost hear myself going 'Grrr'!


I am love. I am loving and I am loved. Someone somewhere is missing me. Someone somewhere is thinking of me and appreciates me. I am worthy of love. I am worth more than my scale, my habits and my insecurities. Fried chicken may be my weakness but I am strong for knowing it. I may never enjoy green tea but I'm soaking in the sun and drinking in this perfect moment.  I may never levitate but I'm high from the warm hugs and sweet smiles from my fellow yogis.  I am living a different life than I planned but I am truly so grateful for this perfect life. I may not be famous, but I make a difference and honestly that is enough. 




Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Mantra 5: A Seed is No Small Thing

A seed is no small thing.

That shady tree you sat under? That came from a seed. The old comfy sweater you have had forever? There's a seed that went into making it. That mean soup/casserole/steak you ate? Seed. The favorite couch you sit in, sipping your lemonade while reading a book? All seeds. You, were once the size of a seed.
A seed is no small thing.

To wake up every morning, literally wake up, where your body wakes itself up, is no small thing.
To taste your coffee while you open a gadget, type in a few words and read my blog, this is no small thing.
To see yourself in the mirror, touch someone's skin, hear laughter and to say thank you; these are no small things.
To love deeply with no fear of your heart breaking is no small thing.
To know that you are made up of the same things that make up the sun, moon and stars is no small thing.
To truly forgive, to have faith and to truly accept. these are no small things.
To choose to live and not exist, this is no small thing.
You are no small thing.