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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Mantra 6: If You Can't See the Bright Side of Life, Polish the Dull Side

Recently I've been feeling heavy. In body and spirit. I can put the physical heaviness at some 10 pounds. (Curse you Popeyes!!) I find myself retreating into my insecurities. I'm preoccupied. I've lost focus. I'm pessimistic. I'm not flexibile enough. I'm fat. I'm not embodying a yogi enough. I should be making more money. Where is the fame and glory I envisioned as a kid? I should be writing more. I should be drinking more green tea, eating more kale and working on levitation. I should be inspiring more. I should be glowing and peaceful and calm. But I am pissed, irritable, defensive and my skin insists on defying my authority. I can almost hear myself going 'Grrr'!


I am love. I am loving and I am loved. Someone somewhere is missing me. Someone somewhere is thinking of me and appreciates me. I am worthy of love. I am worth more than my scale, my habits and my insecurities. Fried chicken may be my weakness but I am strong for knowing it. I may never enjoy green tea but I'm soaking in the sun and drinking in this perfect moment.  I may never levitate but I'm high from the warm hugs and sweet smiles from my fellow yogis.  I am living a different life than I planned but I am truly so grateful for this perfect life. I may not be famous, but I make a difference and honestly that is enough. 




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