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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mantra 8: If You Are Going To Move...

If You Are Going To Move, Make It Count.

Who are you truly 'moving' for? Yourself? Your yoga teacher? Are you competing with the person next to you? Are you moving forward? Are you moving up? Are you moving someplace deeper?Do you feel pressure? Do you feel freedom? Do you feel light?Are you making a contribution? Are you making progress? Are you in control? Are you creating energy? Is it positive, negative? Are you scared? Or do you feel invincible?

Make your warrior count. Make your breath count. Make that scoop, yes scoop, of almond butter count. Make that trip to your toes count. Make that deep sigh count. If you are going to move, make it count.

May it bring you peace and release. May it bring you fuzzy feelings, hugs, smiles and more than you'd ever need. May it bring me more scoops of almond butter :)  May it bring you sunny days, starry nights, moon beams and sweet dreams. For good or better, if you are going to move, please make it count.


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