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Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Mantra 9: When I STRETCH, I Make SPACE.

Every time you stretch, you are creating space. Actual physical space. You are making space between muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons. You are making space, between your shoulders and toes, in your hips and in your spine. Think of spring cleaning your closet. think about how you look at the mess, and then you systematically start clearing up clothes you don't need, shoes you never wore, dresses that never fit. Think about how you feel when you have taken all that extra stuff out. Imagine how you would look at say a shirt, and you are assesing it. Ask yourself, "Will I ever wear this?", "Do I need it?", "What purpose does it serve?"  and then you decide to get rid of it. All that stuff you never needed but crowded your space. Think about it makes you feel lighter, unburdened. You feel a sense of accomplishment.

Now think about feeling what you need to feel. Thinking what you need to think. Don't judge. Just think it, feel it and decide if you need it in your life or not.

When you make space in your body, you make space in your life. Think about clearing all that 'stuff' you don't need. the thoughts you don't need, the emotions you never wore and the feelings that never fit. Make space for nothing or make space for everything else. Get comfortable in your skin. Make space for love, joy and peace. Make space for You. Go on. Stretch it out.


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