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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Mantra - I Know I Am Amazing.

 You know how sometimes you are looking at something and then you notice there's something more? Maybe you are looking at a flower and you see something shiny. But you blink and it’s gone. So you move around, bob your head up and down, squint, and then you see that delicate cobweb shining in the light, and for a moment you're amazed because it was there all along and you didn’t see it. 
You know what else is amazing? You.  And it’s all perspective. It’s all about how you look at yourself. In the right light, under the right circumstances, you could make yourself go 'wow'! Yes you! Look at you, you shiny wonderful dazzling thing!

So right now, in this moment, look at your heart, seems like an ordinary heart. And now think of all that you are ready to forgive, think of all that you are willing to accept, think of all the faith you never lost and think of all the hope you refused to give up. Right now, in your light, you shine and you should know, you are pretty amazing.


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