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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Mantra - I Know I Am Amazing.

 You know how sometimes you are looking at something and then you notice there's something more? Maybe you are looking at a flower and you see something shiny. But you blink and it’s gone. So you move around, bob your head up and down, squint, and then you see that delicate cobweb shining in the light, and for a moment you're amazed because it was there all along and you didn’t see it. 
You know what else is amazing? You.  And it’s all perspective. It’s all about how you look at yourself. In the right light, under the right circumstances, you could make yourself go 'wow'! Yes you! Look at you, you shiny wonderful dazzling thing!

So right now, in this moment, look at your heart, seems like an ordinary heart. And now think of all that you are ready to forgive, think of all that you are willing to accept, think of all the faith you never lost and think of all the hope you refused to give up. Right now, in your light, you shine and you should know, you are pretty amazing.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Mantra: Be Present.

I had an Aha moment last week when I met Mary for lunch. We were talking about how we need to clean our closets out. How we have stuff from decades ago that we simply don’t want to let go. How one of the reasons we were afraid to let go was because it could mean we would forget. And then I started telling her how my memory is lousy. How old friends say, ‘remember when you did this?', or 'said that'. And I had no idea why I could not remember. She said, 'you don’t remember because you were not present.'

Bam. A-ha.

Yes. I do not remember because I was not present. I was never comfortable in my skin. I was always upset that things were not better, that I should be somewhere else doing something else, and that I was not better. I was never present. I don’t have a bad memory, I either never made a memory or I decided it was a bad moment I did not want to remember. I was completely absent. Damn. Why did I do that to myself? I missed out. Damn. By choosing to be present, by choosing to not judge, by choosing to accept I could have been happier, calmer and not think I was going senile. If I had chosen to be present, I would have have been able to think about my past and smile at the fond memories.

So what’s the moral of the story? Good things come from eating burgers with friends :) and Be Present. Are you present in this body, in this moment, with this breath? There is no good or bad moment, there is no judgment. Are you here? Completely here? What is this moment teaching you?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Mantra: I Choose To Believe in Miracles.

Have you noticed how sometimes you see something only after you believe it? What would happen if you did not take something as chance or coincidence? What would happen if you decided to believe that life is a series of miraculous events? Have you wondered why your heart won't just take a break? Have you wondered what makes the grass continue to be green? Can you concede that our universe is vast and outrageous, and yet here we are right in the middle of it? Can you agree that a sunset, a baby, a sky full of stars and the magic of a kiss, all of that can take your breath away? Have you prayed and prayed for something to happen and then realized, thankfully, that the real miracle was that it did not happen? Why is it easier for you to believe that it rained frogs, that water magically turned to wine than the fact that your smile could mean the world to someone? That each breath you take, the love you feel and that you can understand something you have never seen or touched is a miracle?

What if you gave up cynicism? What if you stopped to look for reasons and explanations? What if you gave up control and gave in to this moment? What if you chose to believe in miracles?

What if you decided you were a miracle and that life itself is a series of miraculous events? What then?


Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Mantra 9: When I STRETCH, I Make SPACE.

Every time you stretch, you are creating space. Actual physical space. You are making space between muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons. You are making space, between your shoulders and toes, in your hips and in your spine. Think of spring cleaning your closet. think about how you look at the mess, and then you systematically start clearing up clothes you don't need, shoes you never wore, dresses that never fit. Think about how you feel when you have taken all that extra stuff out. Imagine how you would look at say a shirt, and you are assesing it. Ask yourself, "Will I ever wear this?", "Do I need it?", "What purpose does it serve?"  and then you decide to get rid of it. All that stuff you never needed but crowded your space. Think about it makes you feel lighter, unburdened. You feel a sense of accomplishment.

Now think about feeling what you need to feel. Thinking what you need to think. Don't judge. Just think it, feel it and decide if you need it in your life or not.

When you make space in your body, you make space in your life. Think about clearing all that 'stuff' you don't need. the thoughts you don't need, the emotions you never wore and the feelings that never fit. Make space for nothing or make space for everything else. Get comfortable in your skin. Make space for love, joy and peace. Make space for You. Go on. Stretch it out.